“The Bragg Bird”

The Caladrius

The Bragg Canna logo features the Caladrius, a bird based in Roman mythology that is said to draw a person’s sickness or suffering into itself and fly it up into the sun.

We chose the Caladrius to help us convey a message of comfort and healing. As a symbol the Caladrius feels both powerful and familiar. Where a cannabis leaf might conjure up preconceived ideas, the soaring Caladrius captures a feeling, for some, that feeling is freedom. For others, it’s comfort, peace, — or acceptance.

Not long ago, we were newcomers to cannabis ourselves, trying to learn how this medicine could bring comfort to our loved one who was suffering. There were many times in that journey when a warm welcome would have made a world of difference. That is the difference Bragg Canna was founded to be.

If you are suffering and seeking comfort—cannabis can help. And we at Bragg Canna –along with our beloved Caladrius–are here to help you get comfortable with cannabis.

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