Welcome to Bragg Canna.

The Braggs are Alabama farmers, through and through. Our family has farmed these 10,000+ acres for more than 200 years, and our name has become synonymous in the South with the finest crops of cotton, wheat, soybeans, and corn. The soil we’ve cultivated for centuries—dark, rich, and packed with nutrients—is our legacy, our resume, and our home.


Recently their lives were forever changed, when one of their own went from being healthy to becoming a patient. Our minds were opened, and our hearts were compelled to help others. We combined our passion for farming with our desire to help those who are sick or suffering and launched Bragg Canna to help newcomers get comfortable with hemp. Our crops have always served people, feeding and clothing them. But Bragg Canna has elevated that service to a whole new level.

So many of us have been told just one story about this amazing plant. But with the federal Farm Bill that legalized hemp production, and the majority of states approving medical marijuana, the true story and positive impact of hemp is now unfolding.


Hemp is an extraordinary plant that many claim helps ease suffering and improve lives.


Now hemp is here for you when you need it. And so are we.


Because the subject of hemp has been steeped in stigma for so long, we’ve found that the people who stand to benefit the most from this plant are often the most reluctant to try it. That’s where Bragg Canna comes in, bringing generations of farming and knowledge to the industry, so anyone who wants to can get comfortable with hemp.

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